They Say They Will Pay You!!

Hey guys n gals recently i came across a free webmail service,the features of which made me surprised.They provides 3GB space and you are paid in case you receive a spam!!

Surprised right ?? Ok we will see in detail…….

What is Cashette?

Cashette is a spam-control service. You can use Cashette to stop spam and get paid if you receive advertising email.

How is Cashette different?

Unlike other spam solutions, Cashette is attacking the root of the problem. The fundamental reason that spam is flooding the email system is that, unlike traditional advertising, it costs almost nothing to send spam. There is a strong economic incentive for spammers to abuse email. Cashette takes away that incentive by making the spammers pay.

How does it work?

You set a price for spam. You get paid for each “spam” you receive. If they don’t pay, you won’t receive spam.

Does it cost to use Cashette?

Your Cashette account is free. When you receive paid ad mail,they charge the advertiser a 20% commission with a minimum of one cent.

Interesting right?? Go signup now by clicking here.


About nivinjoy

Hi iam NIVIN JOY THYKATTUSSERRY from "GOD'S OWN COUNTRY-KERALA".At present iam doing my B.E degree in Mechanical Engineering in Sathyabama Deemed University,Chennai.(

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