“Kaun Banega Anchor” of KBC

There are some rapidfire developments taking place on India’s most popular game show.

The slots devoted to KBC are being used for re-runs and ‘Best Of KBC’, as host Amitabh Bachchan is unlikely to resume anchoring in the near future. Star Plus’ declaration that he will resume KBC in February end, seems like wishful thinking.

 Says AB, “I do have to complete some episodes. But if my health doesn’t permit I don’t know what will happen.”

 Says Star’s CEO, Samir Nair, “To resume shooting, KBC requires a lot of preparation . We’ve to bring audiences in from all over the country, etc. At this point of time Mr Bachchan is unable to confirm when he’d be able to shoot KBC. That’s perfectly understandable. We’re having discussions with Mr Bachchan. But I guess things are pretty unsure right now.”

Efforts are on to persuade junior Bachchan to step in. Says Samir, “It could be a great solution…the son stepping in to help his father. Moreover, there’s a huge interest-level in Abhishek. And it would be truly wonderful for him to have him take over for the rest of this season. If at all there has to be a stand-in it can only be Abhishek. No one else can do it, or w want to do it. Only Abhishek can dare to step into the big man’s shoes, and have the public’s support. He is the Shravan (the mythological ideal son) of 2006. And viewers would see him that way on KBC.”

One of the problems is Abhishek’s dates. Having spent as much time in the hospital as his father, Jr AB just doesn’t seem to have the time. Says Samir Nair, “He’s a busy actor in his own right. Realistically, we need to take a call on this issue shortly. We’ve commitments to advertisers, and the audience. But it can’t be helped. Neither us, nor our host is responsible. It’s just one of those things. But yes, it’s a disappointment all-round.”

It seems unlikely that KBC can continue… unless Abhishek is persuaded to do the needful.